Knowing the importance of data center seismic protection will protect your business from losing data and equipment. Learn more about seismic server racks here.

With the consequences of climate change worsening, we are more vulnerable than ever to natural disasters, including earthquakes. Of all the natural disasters that can harm our infrastructure and buildings, earthquakes are among the most damaging. The importance of data center seismic protection is more evident every year, and no one should understate it since businesses are more and more reliant on data storage.

Learn how to protect your facility from an earthquake below.

Why You Should Invest in Seismic Protection

Earthquake damage is devastating to any facility, but it can cause some long-term upheaval to both colocation and onsite data centers; either way, the organizations that rely on this stored data are vulnerable.

The safety of the staff is a priority, and that alone should be sufficient to persuade anyone to invest in the proper equipment. But the damage to the servers and equipment can be beyond repair, which is a devastating cost on its own. The downtime from lost data can paralyze a business and result in permanent loss of information. Without the right backup, a company can be ruined.

How To Protect Data Centers From Earthquakes

There are some ways to prevent irreparable damage and protect your facility. Below, we’ve listed a few options.

Seismic Zone

Based on your location, you can find out if you’re in a seismic zone and how much you’re at risk for an earthquake. With this information, you can take measures to protect your equipment.

Data Center Placement

Where your data center is located in the building can make a difference too. Upper-level floors are more at risk for damage than lower levels. If you’re building a new facility, consider placing the data center on the ground floor.

Seismic Server Racks

Seismic server racks are the best way to physically prepare your facility from any fault line activity. Their enhanced bases and anchoring hardware will hold the rack and the equipment in place. You’ll also want to invest in a hybrid cloud system to back up data.

Get Regular Inspections

Have an expert inspect your data center to check its stability. You can also have the floors and walls reinforced to help protect your data storage, depending on your risk assessment.

Contact AMCO Enclosures

To find seismic server racks, contact AMCO Enclosures for help in protecting your facility. Understanding the importance of data center seismic protection is another way to avoid experiencing significant data loss. You can learn more about protecting your data by exploring our blogs.