Specialty Electronic Racks

Shielded Miltary

Shielded Military

High performance enclosures for military applications

Shielded Commercial

Shielded Commercial

High performance enclosures for commercial applications

Desktop Cabinet

Desktop cabinet for standard storage

The specialty electronic rack selection caters to specific data enclosure requirements. Here, you’ll find military-grade shielded data enclosures that will withstand its environment and keep its contents secure. We also offer specialty racks with lower levels of emission control. This commercial rack option is shielded and has various configurations available. Lastly, the specialty electronic rack collection contains the PDMTA desktop cabinet for sale. This small, convenient desktop option is suitable for heavy-duty operations and can be customized to your specifications. Interested in customized server rack branding, size, or accessories? Learn more about our capabilities; you can test configurations for your custom rack here.