Seismic Rack Cabinets

Made to keep their composure when faced with seismic activity, these server racks are essential for facilities located in earthquake zones. Our seismic rack cabinets at AMCO Enclosures are manufactured for stability. All seismic server racks have been engineered, tested, and certified to GR-63-CORE. They are guaranteed to keep content safe and secure during an earthquake. Of course, the benefits of our seismic rack cabinets do not end there. In addition to seismic enhancements, each product can be customized to the needs of your facility. We provide custom branding, sizes, and accessories in order for our racks to check every box on your list. Learn more about individual cabinets by viewing the options on this page.

Seismic ZN4 Data

Seismic Zone 4 Data Racks certified to GR-63-CORE

Seismic ZN4 EP

Seismic Electronics Packaging Racks certified to GR-63-CORE