Many data centers are located in places where earthquakes and other seismic activity are very real dangers. It’s critical for your data center to comply with industry standards for seismic protection for the safety of data center employees and personnel and to ensure the security of data center equipment.

But how do you sufficiently earthquake-proof your data center to keep everyone and everything safe and secure? Here are a few ways to ensure data center security in the event of a seismic disaster.

Keep your data backed up

You may not be able to back up all of your data center’s information onto external servers, but it can be extremely helpful to have the essential information you need on an external drive. It also helps to use disaster recovery services. Disaster recovery service demand grew by 23% in 2019.

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), is a replication of hosting virtual or physical servers by a third party. DRaaS provides failover in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or a manmade disaster like a power outage.

Keep servers secure

During an earthquake, falling items and debris are dangerous. If a data center is impacted by an earthquake, the seismic activity could force servers out of their server racks and onto the floor. Even worse, they could fall and hurt personnel.

Seismic server racks keep servers safe and secure. AMCO Enclosures offers seismic server racks such as the Titan ZN4. These data racks are engineered, tested, and certified to GR-63-CORE. They offer security for high-density servers and networking cabinets in areas that have a high risk of exposure to ground vibrations and other seismic events.

Have safe spots in your building

Your employees must know how to respond in the event of an earthquake. According to safety experts, people need to drop, cover, and hold on during an earthquake. To create safe areas in your data center, your building needs to have well-secured, sturdy structures in every room.

Your employees need to be made aware of these key areas so they know where to find cover during an earthquake. Practice the right procedures and hold regular earthquake drills for your team. Go through the drills together and answer any questions your employees may have. Do you need seismic server racks for your data center? AMCO Enclosures have what you need to keep your data center secure in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe. To learn more about our seismic server racks and other data center supplies, contact AMCO Enclosures today.