Bigger And Better: The 5 Largest Data Centers In The World

The need for data centers is growing at a rapid rate. New startups and tech companies are relying more and more on offsite storage and processing power -- and with good reason; the power density of data centers is 100 times that of a large commercial office building,...

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4 Unique Data Racks Used to Store Servers

Data is one of the most valuable resources we have today. In fact, 82% of companies report savings after moving to the cloud. As we go through a paradigm shift toward larger and larger data centers, it would be helpful for the average business owner to learn a bit...

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The Problem of Finite Storage

Thermal containment systems are critical innovations in the data center world. The benefits of cold aisle containment are massive and many. Starting with energy efficiency, cold aisle thermal containment systems make HVAC systems seriously better at cooling servers at...

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3 Data Center Trends to Watch For in 2018

When it comes to computer networks and organization of other technology, there's always something different on the horizon. We're a few months into 2018 now, but the new technological advancements keep on coming. Let's take a look at just three expected data center...

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4 Common Cloud Services That You Use Every Day

The cloud is a strange and bizarre name for a series of servers on server racks, a litany of electronic cabinet designs, network cables, extreme cooling solutions, and a number of other data center supplies linked together in a big building. Data centers are the...

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3 Critical Elements Of Electronic Cabinet Design

In the always persistent pursuit of more energy efficient data center equipment, there have been some breakthrough advancements in electronic cabinet designs. An electronic cabinet is a housing unit for servers and general data center equipment. It serves to protect...

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