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Even with millions of standard configurations available to ship in two weeks or less there are still instances where a custom server rack is required. 40% of the racks that we ship have some level of modification. Our engineering team welcomes the opportunity and challenge to design a customized server rack or electronics rack enclosure solution to your exact specification.



Our server rack and data rack manufacturers commitment to quality brings together technologies, technical acumen, and attentiveness to detail and craftsmanship. As an ISO9001 registered company, our Total Quality System includes trained technicians, calibrated equipment, testing systems and In-Process controls.

Supplier Involvement

Our Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) program is considered a model in the industry. By working closely with customer designers and engineers, IMS Engineered Products can reduce tooling and direct product costs while speeding up customer’s product to market.

Customer Support

Our national sales force along with our local sales representatives are ready to support our customer’s needs immediately.

The Latest Machinery

Our 290,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is a contemporary manufacturing facility featuring the latest technological advances in production. Our equipment includes high speed lasers, CNC turret presses and powder and wet coat paint lines.

Manufactured in the USA

AMCO Enclosures has proudly been a recognized leader in the data rack and server rack manufacturing industry for over 70 years, located in Des Plaines, Illinois.

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