Seismic rack cabinet

If you have a seismic rack, you’ve demonstrated that you think far ahead, especially if you live in a seismically active place. Seismic racks are perfect for keeping your servers safe in case of emergency, but how are seismic racks important for avoiding downtime? You’ll be surprised at all the things a seismic rack can do.

Seismic Racks Protect Against Earthquakes

We’ll start with the most obvious way seismic racks help you in the long run. Downtime is when a server or series of servers is down. This can happen for many reasons, but one of the reasons is seismic activity. If you have an earthquake and don’t have seismic racks, you’ll certainly wish you did, given all the damage you’ll have to pay for. Earthquakes can trash data centers, and your servers can suffer excessive downtime. Seismic data racks keep this from happening since they’re made to withstand earthquakes. Your servers will be safe and sound.

Makes Sure the Hardware Is Secure

Besides an earthquake, your hardware could experience many other issues. Seismic cabinets are sturdier than regular ones—if they can protect from earthquake damage, they can withstand other impacts. This is an important way seismic racks can help avoid downtime for your servers.

Seismic Racks Make Easy Access Simple

If something happens to your hardware, seismic racks keep things simple and are easy to access in an emergency. Without this ease of access, a virus could eat up your software. Or, if there’s another emergency, it might be hard to save your data. Sometimes, you need access to the server immediately, like when it goes down.

Overall, seismic racks are a great option especially if you are in a Zone 4 area. They will protect and preserve your hardware for years to come.