Custom FX Racks

Large Test and Measurement Company


The customer wanted a two-tone rack which provided two unique, enclosed sections for equipment. The center section had to be designed as an open concept that provided unrestricted access and they did not want doors on this section. A standard colocation cabinet would not work as the center section was open and discreet access to each section was not desired. Additionally, louvered doors were required for the top and bottom as opposed to perforated doors.



AMCO Enclosures based our design on the FX platform. The total mounting for the cabinet was 40RU and the top and bottom enclosed sections were each 12RU. The design consisted of three frames built into one with the center section open with the exception of a full side panel on one side. The frame was designed to allow for mounting either a full-length side panel or three unique side panels on the open side in the future.the shielded equipment the customer was installing that did not require a door.