Every data center has its unique challenges, but there are some common problems every data center has. Reduced space, climate change, and security are challenges data centers must deal with, but there are effective ways to prevent them from causing outages or incurring expensive costs.

Check out these common data center problems and preventative tips to keep your downtimes to a minimum.


All data centers need to optimize their capacity in the server room and on the servers themselves. Cloud storage can help, but there are other ways, too. Analytics can root out zombie servers that are taking up space and energy. Additionally, metrics can increase your capacity, lower energy costs, and help project how much growth you’ll need in the future.


To ensure that sensitive data isn’t lost, data centers must consider both cybersecurity and physical security. Most data centers treat both security threats equally and use analytics to stay on top of protecting their data.

Surveillance, access logs, user reports, and routine audits can help recognize both digital and physical weaknesses in your current system, allowing you to strengthen them before a breach can take place.


Without the proper monitoring, it can be challenging to maintain the necessary cooling infrastructure in your data center. Not having the appropriate equipment to monitor both ambient and server rack temperatures can damage servers and cause outages. Implementing airflow improvements as well as installing cold aisle containment systems can prevent problems.

Climate Change

As the world changes, so do everyday challenges. Data center management must have solutions in place to protect their data from climate change. For instance, one preventative measure is planning and placing data centers in regions that aren’t at risk for flooding, wildfires, or earthquakes.

If your data center already resides in an earthquake-prone region, you can invest in seismic racks to protect data and prevent any outages.

Considering these common data center problems and preventative tips will help prevent outages and keep your client’s data safe. Check out our blog to learn more about data center management and order custom server racks with AMCO Enclosures!