Blanking panels are a fundamental component of hot and cold aisle containment. Learn why your server racks need blanking panels to save costs.

Even though blanking panels might seem like unnecessary pieces of equipment, server racks need them. Data centers require precise planning to make sure equipment is properly organized and maintained.

Blanking panels are low in cost, especially when compared to other data center equipment, and they’re vital to maintaining efficacy in your data center.

Find out why your server racks need blanking panels.

What Are Blanking Panels?

Blanking panels, sometimes called filler panels, are important pieces for your data center’s cooling. They fill empty spots in the server rack to make airflow more efficient, preventing servers from overheating.

Benefits of Blanking Panels

How do blanking panels make your cooling system more efficient? They might seem unnecessary, but they provide an essential service. Servers and equipment expel hot air; if that air doesn’t dissipate, fans work harder, costing you more in energy. And if the fans can’t keep up, the excess hot air can cause your servers to overheat, causing outages and data loss.

Blanking panels are a fundamental part of a cold aisle and hot aisle cooling strategy, in which only one side has cool air entering and hot air exiting. The panels ensure cold supplied air does not flow through empty spaces in the rack and into the hot aisle.

Blanking Panel Materials

Metal or plastic are your choices for blanking panels, and both have different installation methods.


Plastic panels are inexpensive, and installing them only requires snapping them onto the server rack. Removal also doesn’t require tools, which is convenient if you anticipate replacing them with a server soon.


You can fasten metal blanking panels onto racks with screws. This option is meant for permanent or semi-permanent use.

Blanking Panel Sizes

The average size of a server rack shelf is 1U. You’ll find blanking panels beginning in 1U and upward. The type of panel you choose doesn’t affect your cooling efficiency. You only need to find the size that corresponds to the open spaces in your rack.

Data Rack Accessories

Data rack accessories are essential to making your data center organized and efficient. Knowing why your server racks need blanking panels will help you keep energy costs down and prevent servers from overheating.

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