Seismic server rack

Data centers have many necessary functions. They can store client data, keep business operations running, and track information. They’re essential to running data-driven functions, and there’s much to know about them.

The average person knows very little, unless they learn a major tech company has leaked their information. When a person is trying to learn about data centers, myths tend to muddy the water. What are some common misconceptions people have about data centers? We’ll analyze a few below.

Cloud Computing Reduces the Need for Data Centers

We use cloud systems for everything. With that trending shift in how we interact with data, we’ve seen data centers shrink considerably and shift to clouds rather than keep them on servers, which can take up valuable real estate.

However, we would argue that this change of pace doesn’t render data centers obsolete. As it turns out, data centers enable the cloud to operate. It exists inside servers residing in data centers. So, while it’s changing how we apprehend information, it’s still firmly grounded in data center infrastructure. This is a common misconception people have about data centers.

Data Centers Are Just Server Warehouses

Data centers are filled with servers, but there’s a ton of other equipment, from seismic server racks and network switches to control centers. They also contain top-of-the-line HVAC systems, battery rooms, and telecommunication networks. Overall, the modern data center is multifaceted and versatile in its specializations. They form the backbone of a business, and you can’t understate their importance.

You Can Build Data Centers Wherever You Want

This dangerous misconception can put your data center at risk. Several factors dictate the location, including socio-political conflict, storm activity—especially earthquakes and floods—and data policies of a particular region. People seem to think that data centers don’t require any employees, but this can’t be further from the truth. Data centers can’t reside in any remote area because they need repair operators, IT professionals, and even construction workers to come to the location. All these factors make a huge difference in how a data center is structured and where you can establish it.