Supervisors have a hard time relinquishing control when it comes to their business strategies. However, it’s better to ask for help with technical things because it’s a job for the pros. For example, employers can decide to store their customers’ digital information at colocation centers or on the cloud. This article will overview the differences between cloud and colocation storage.

What Do the Terms Mean?

Before we dive into what the better option is, we should explain what each word means. Cloud storage means that information is stored on the cloud through the internet. Cloud storage can be public or private. Colocation centers, on the other hand, are physical establishments. Colocation center employees use top-quality data center products to keep individuals’ info safe.

Now that we’ve established what each term means, we can further expand on the differences between cloud and colocation storage.


One of the primary reasons why people choose to use colocation centers is because they have superior security. Previous blog posts have discussed the security standards that every data center should have. These standards include:

  • Only employees with certified clearance should be allowed to access the machines.
  • Proper equipment that’s difficult to break into should be used.

Advanced Technology

Colocation centers are also great for expansion. These facilities typically have excellent data center products that are designed with growth in mind. For example, AMCO Enclosures sells custom server racks that can be adjusted if a business needs more room.

The remainder of this piece will talk about why people decide to use cloud storage.

Easier Access

Some companies decide to use the cloud for storage because it provides easier access. The cloud may be beneficial for those who want more control over things. At a colocation center, bosses essentially let the IT techs handle everything; not everyone loves this idea. So, those who simply want to access things on the internet should use the cloud.

Simpler Updating

Top-of-the-line data center items offer more security. However, it can be more difficult to update these products since they’re more complex. For this reason, anyone who wants things here and now might decide to use the cloud.

Hopefully, this article has given business owners something to think about. Every manager should prioritize their customers’ safety. As a result, any corporation that chooses to use a colocation center should contact AMCO Enclosures today. We have the equipment every company needs to keep its customers safe.