Server racks are an essential component to secure data storage. As a data center manager, you can choose between standard server racks or opt for a custom rack configuration. Overall, custom server racks provide more benefits than a traditional rack; you’ll have more adaptability, better cooling, and higher security. Predetermined server racks might not give you the cooling capabilities or security that your data center needs.

 If you’re thinking about a custom rack configuration, here’s what to consider.


Choosing custom server racks over standard models gives you the ability to design your rack with the exact dimensions you need. Technology changes quickly, and some server racks can be outdated. A custom rack can handle newer and more complex hardware as the tech evolves.

Not only does having this adaptability help initially, but it also allows you to reconfigure racks for any future needs you might have. As your center fills with more and more servers, you can adapt them to your growing business.

Investing in specialized equipment means you’re investing in the future of your data center.


Ensuring your servers are kept at an optimal temperature is a vital element of any rack. Custom racks can be better at promoting air circulation and cooling than typical racks. Outdated models can lack proper airflow, meaning you’re pumping air conditioning into an entire room, which drives up your energy costs.

By redefining airflow, cold aisle containment can bring down high utility costs and ensure your equipment is safe by creating more efficient cooling.


If you’re thinking about a custom rack configuration, here’s what to consider: security. Custom racks can have more security features like electronic handles and doors that give your customers peace of mind that their sensitive data is secure.

And for data centers in some areas of the country, there are other external security concerns—seismic activity. Seismic racks can withstand earthquakes to protect data from being damaged or lost.

If you’re thinking about choosing custom server racks for your data center, reach out to us at AMCO Enclosures. We’ll design and build custom racks with the specifications that fit all your concerns.