A 2011 survey predicted that information technology (IT) capacity would be surpassed at more than 38% of major companies within a year and a half. Having adequate data center products, including the right server racks, is crucial for effective IT management. One of the main considerations for rack enclosures is cooling. Some enclosures can maintain cooling without extra precautions due to lower wattages and fewer pieces of equipment. When technology requirements increase, higher wattages and more equipment are needed and more heat is produced. This can negatively affect performance and bring about shutdowns. You can take steps to make sure that equipment is adequately cooled. Here are seven tips to keep in mind.

Control Airflow

Minimal control over airflow is provided by open frame server racks. But floor-standing rack enclosures offer the greatest control over airflow. Built-in and added features prevent heated air from entering the supply of cold air. Well-ventilated front and back doors can help keep airflow moving throughout the enclosure. Utilizing brush grommets and blank panels can also help airflow significantly.

Secure Side Panels

Secure panels at the sides of the enclosure keep hot air from flowing and creating cooling problems when utilizing hot and cold aisles. On cabinets that are mounted to the wall, ventilated side panels can be put in place because they don’t rely on airflow from the front to the back and typically carry lighter heat loads. Solid side panels should be used in bayed enclosures to keep heated air from moving between racks.

Manage Airflow

Blanking panels help direct cold air through active equipment and keep heated air from reentering open spaces. Brush strips, gaskets, and grommets can prevent air loss around gaps. 

Maintain Cables

If not managed, cables inhibit airflow and interfere with the spread of cold air beneath raised floors and shutting heat in enclosures. Horizontal and vertical cable managers can be placed in enclosures to keep patch cables and power cords in place.

Install Thermal Ducts

Overhead thermal ducts send exhaust from equipment to the HVAC/CRAC return air duct or plenum. They keep heated air separated from the cold air. You’ll have effective airflow with cooled air being drawn in and heated air expelled.

Remove Heat

Ventilation fans that actively remove heat can help with airflow in wall mount racks. Fans can be installed on the roof of the racks. 

Consider Close-Coupled Cooling

Systems that use close-coupled cooling offer exact air conditioning and improved efficiency when compared to conventional systems. They can also increase the efficiency of your current system by controlling heat without reducing the temperature of the whole enclosure. Because it’s a modular system, close-coupled cooling enables you to rapidly set up cooling to accommodate hot racks or new pieces of equipment.

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