Operating a successful data center hinges on having the right items. Whether you’re running a small center for an organization or a data center that spans thousands of square feet, there is essential equipment every data center needs

To keep your center organized, secure, and cooled, you’ll need these crucial elements.

Climate Control

Ensuring your data center is adequately cooled is a concern that should be first and foremost. Air conditioning alone won’t sufficiently cool off servers and other components. 


To keep a close eye on cooling, you can find temperature sensors that are placed onto server racks to get a more accurate reading of temperatures and humidity.

Airflow Plans

How will you control airflow? The airflow needs to be maintained, or hotspots will form, causing potential data losses. 


Humidity is as important as temperature, and for most data center equipment, the ideal humidity falls between 45% and 55%. 

Air Cooling

What will your cooling strategy be? You can choose between solutions like cold aisle containment and liquid cooling, among many others.

Cable Management

With a lot of equipment comes a lot of cables. Designing a data center without an adequate cable management system will end in chaos. Simple solutions like cable ties, fingers and colored wires will help you make sense of that mess initially, but you’ll need an effective cable management strategy quickly.

Network Equipment

To operate the center and servers, you’ll need network equipment like routers and switches to not only keep servers online, but also for your own maintenance. To keep track of all the components, you should have a topography of all equipment to perform routine tasks like finding and unplugging zombie servers to keep utility costs down.

Server Racks

The linchpin to any data center is server racks. They are responsible for keeping servers, network equipment, and cables organized and secure. Any other storing solutions can result in equipment overheating, accidental damage, or even data theft. 

Server racks provide necessary organization, proper airflow, and crucial security to the servers that house sensitive data. Of all the essential equipment every data center needs, both standard and custom server racks are vital to the success of any data center.

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