Custom server rack

Cloud computing has gained popularity as the years go by. Because of this, many proponents of physical data centers are shifting their focus from in-house data centers to cloud computing designed to store much of the data you typically find in a conventional center. This raises the question of the benefits of having an in-house data server. We’ll discuss several of the benefits below.

Testing New Technology

Since you control your layout, you can test the technology in certain sections. You can add or subtract certain hardware forms and expand your testing area as you wish. This isn’t possible with cloud computing.

Design Control

Autonomy is one of the biggest things you retain with an in-house data center. When you rely on cloud computing, you’re restricted to the design layouts of whatever cloud computing service you choose. You have to lay your design configuration according to their standards, which may not give you room for growth. Even worse, it may leave you relying on them even more. Freedom of design control is a great benefit of having an in-house data center.

Complete Autonomy

Your company has to use a co-location site that you may or may not share with other organizations when using cloud computing. You’ll have access to your information at your fingertips with in-house servers. You can also expand, and you won’t be locked into a configuration that another company controls. When your company experiences productivity and revenue changes, you’ll want to expand. Complete autonomy enables you to continually review your center’s architecture and improve it as needed.

Quickly Resolved Outages

If you have a series of custom server racks, you also have an in-house team of IT professionals. You have many options for fixing hardware or software outages, should they occur. Choose a backup generator or solar panels that aren’t connected to the grid so that your facility has power if it goes down. IT professionals can take care of any outages quickly and efficiently.

A network outage is completely out of your control with a cloud computing service. Who knows when they’ll have the network back up and running? With an in-house data center, you control any solutions to mitigate disaster. You’ll need data racks and cabinets if you want to reap the benefits of an in-house data center. Shop AMCO Enclosures for all your data needs!