3 Reasons White Server Racks Are Trending

Though black cabinets have traditionally dominated data centers, white server racks are becoming increasingly popular in data centers and IT environments. This is for good reason, as white server racks offer benefits that black racks do not. Keep reading to learn three reasons white server racks are trending right now.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is a key part of running a successful data center. White surfaces have higher reflectivity than dark colors, which means they can help manage temperatures within server racks. As a result, data centers with white cabinets have an overall cooler ambient temperature than those with dark racks. Data centers can more efficiently manage temperatures, reducing overall energy consumption and cooling costs with white racks.

Improved Visibility

White server racks provide better visibility and contrast compared to traditional black racks. The light color makes it easier to identify cables, components, and labels within the rack, making it easier for employees to carry out tasks within the rack. Better lighting also reduces eye strain and creates a more comfortable working environment for data center staff performing maintenance, installations, and inspections. As data centers continue to see an increase in productivity caused by using white server racks to improve efficiency, more centers will begin choosing white server racks over darker ones.

Easy Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness is easier with white server racks since their surfaces show dust, dirt, and smudges more prominently, prompting regular cleaning and maintenance practices. While it may seem counterproductive to select racks that show dirt more visibly, seeing grime is helpful in environments like data centers, where any debris can harm equipment. The visibility of debris and contaminants ensures proactive cleaning efforts, helping staff maintain the optimal performance and reliability of IT equipment.

Now that you know three reasons white server racks are trending right now, you can see why they are becoming just as popular, if not more so, than black server racks.

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