There are vital reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on electronic equipment racks in your server room or data center. Learn how they affect factors like security.

When creating a server room for a small business or a colocation data center, you’ll run into a lot of costs. You can be tempted to cut corners when you can, especially on server racks. After all, it’s just a cabinet that holds equipment, right? False.

There are valid reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on electronic equipment racks in a data center. Learn how server racks play an active role in security, compliance, and other important factors.


Cooling is a vital element to keeping your servers operating. If temperatures or humidity rise above a certain point, processors can overheat and even burn out. By investing in hot aisle containment server racks, you can control the airflow to prevent your servers from overheating.


Some data centers need to have server racks that fit the guidelines and regulations of your local government. Typically, government contractors and other similar organizations that store consumer data are applicable to these standards. Companies that have credit card holder data need to find electronic equipment racks that meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.


Even if you’re not required to meet government standards for security, you’ll need to find server racks that offer some level of security. You can restrict access to your server room, and you can also find server rack enclosures that lock, instead of open racks that don’t prevent issues like theft, tampering and accidental damage.


Even the region you live in can influence the types of server racks you’ll need to protect your data from problems like climate change. Seismic server racks are a necessity in regions that are at a high risk of earthquakes. They can withstand seismic activity better than other enclosures because they’re mounted to the data center floor to protect your data.

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Understanding why you shouldn’t skimp on electronic equipment racks will help you find the right server racks to protect your data storage from damage and meet government regulations. Contact us at AMCO Enclosures to learn more about our customized server racks.