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More enterprises than ever before rely on data centers to outsource their power needs to help them concentrate their efforts on customer goals. The potential of economic and communication setbacks is one of the biggest reasons for a higher emphasis on security in data centers. Learn more about why data center security must continue to evolve below.

What Is Data Center Security?

Data center security refers to the physical measures and virtual technologies used to safeguard a data center from external threats and digital assaults. A data center is a physical facility that houses information technology infrastructure, which comprises computer networks and storage used to organize, analyze, and store large scale amounts of data. Industry standards help with data center design, building, and maintenance to ensure high data performance and protection.

Why Is It Important?

Considering data centers include valuable and sensitive content such as IP rights, client information, and financial records, they must be physically and technologically secure. When they malfunction or are hacked, it can be disastrous to the company’s health and well-being.

How Data Security Is Evolving

Typically, a well-protected data center will use the onion security model, constructing several layers to keep their data safe. This will usually mean cameras will be put at every entry, exit, and access point, and it will be operational 24/7, all year-round.

Biometric authentication, such as fingerprints and retina scans, has grown in popularity since it does not require pin codes or smart cards. Guests may be given a card key, a key fob, or another admission method in conjunction with biometrics, adding an additional layer of protection to the site.

Why These Facilities Must Continue To Adapt

Data centers must constantly grow and adapt to keep pace with a rapidly changing world as new threats continue to pop up. There will always be the threat of someone attempting to illegally claim data as long as valuable info can be gained. Furthermore, while data centers are designed to secure computers and networks from physical harm, natural disasters are unpredictable and will only worsen in the future.

We hope this article has helped illuminate why data security must continue to evolve and what direction it’s going in now. You can help improve your data center’s environment with essential server rack accessories from AMCO Enclosures. You’ll find a comprehensive selection of server racks, rack accessories, containment, and so much more.