We live in a data-hungry age. From individuals to entire corporations, nothing is more important than speed, storage, and processing power. Data centers give us precisely that, all wrapped up in a massive building filled with thousands of server racks. But what is a server rack?

What is a Server Rack?

The servers are the powerhouse; they are data centers, so to speak, but they need to be housed somewhere. That’s where electronics racks and network racks come into play: they not only efficiently organize the servers so tens of thousands can be stored in a single building, they also allow for ideal cooling situations (but we’ll get to that in a minute).

Types of Racks in Data Centers

Though there are a number of data center server rack sizes, but the 42U Server Rack used to be considered the industry standard. Today companies with large build outs are opting for taller and deeper data center racks. The increased sizes ensure you’ve got plenty of space inside to fool around: there are multiple internal surfaces and points for mounting equipment and accessories to guarantee a solution that fits your needs.

Data Center Server Racks Affect Cooling

We explored what is a server rack, but how do they affect cooling? We mentioned cooling, and that’s because it’s an absolutely vital aspect of data center operations — the last thing you want to do is force your customers to experience a shutdown because your servers overheated and sustained damage. Server racks allow for aisles to be made, which can then utilize either hot aisle containment or cold aisle containment systems to keep cool air flowing over the technology. It is the favored option, with over 80% of data centers either currently or planning to employ hot and cold aisle systems.

The size and type of server rack you utilize in your data center depends on your personal needs. Server rack sizes are varied, but when selecting a rack make sure you choose one with great flexibility.

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