data center suppliesRunning a data center is no easy thing. There are enormous barriers to entry, both in knowledge and in cost. The way companies maintain a competitive edge is through constantly optimizing existing systems and ensuring only the best data center infrastructure are being used. So, what are some of the costs associated with operating a large data center?

How Much Does it Cost?
To begin with, data center infrastructure will cost a lot of money. You will need several different types of electronic cabinets and server racks. You will also need network cables, thermal containment systems, and the servers themselves. Following infrastructure, you will also need to calculate your energy costs.

The air conditioning costs of the average server room, based on 30 kilowatts of AC running at 70% capacity at an average cost of $0.127 per kilowatt hour will reach a yearly sum of $23,000. That’s from cooling alone, which will also produce a total of 253 tons of greenhouse gas.

There are still other costs to consider. How many employees will you need for your business? What type of infrastructure management services will you employ? How much will the real estate cost to retain? All of these must be answered prior to your venture’s beginning.

Mitigation Efforts
Reducing costs without reducing functionality is a major issue that requires careful consideration. For energy costs, one way to reduce your cooling bill is by implementing tried and true thermal containment strategies. Another way forward is to maximize your server capacity by combining underutilized devices into a virtual server.

Skimping on infrastructure up front will likely catch up to you in the long run, but be wary of the fact that technology is moving fast in this field. The best way forward through attempts to identify future trends in efficiency and plan for regular equipment upgrades.

Overall, the efforts of running a profitable data center business are quite high. Yet so are the rewards. The key to success in this industry is to be constantly vigilant of ideas and new technologies that can reduce energy consumption, maximize your space, and optimize your server capacity.