Edge data centers are small facilities positioned in growing markets or on the outskirts of existing networks. Edge data centers allow companies to access cloud computing resources to deliver content and services to local users.

Operated by colocation providers, edge data centers are built for versatility and speed. The power density of a data center is up to 100 times more than a large commercial office building.

How did edge data centers develop?

Edge computing has been on the rise for the last decade but has started to pick up steam due to the public cloud. The cloud shifted computing toward a centralized model before hybrid cloud computing gained popularity and brought computing back toward a decentralized model.

Edge computing moved IT infrastructure into specialized facilities. These facilities, called edge data centers, are designed to complement the existing public cloud. The center itself isn’t defined by its size but by its proximity to end-users and the source of its processed data.

What makes these centers significant?

What makes an edge data center so significant is its ability to support applications that demand a hefty amount of bandwidth. It’s also capable of supporting rapid response times while being sensitive to delays.

An edge data center also provides greater reliability compared to a traditional data center because it eliminates the connectivity problems that were originally associated with wide-area connectivity. These centers ensure an organization’s maintained productivity by allowing enterprise applications to perform without worrying about potential hiccups.

How are organizations using edge data centers?

Organizations may use a data center for a variety of different applications. But the most common reasons that organizations use an edge data center include supporting advanced Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, and artificial intelligence applications.

Manufacturing organizations can use artificial intelligence to predict maintenance and to drive down the risk of machine failure. Marketers can use augmented reality and artificial intelligence to run personalized promotions and improve customer experiences.

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