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Most businesses, including data centers, are looking for their buildings to be net zero in the coming future, meaning they use all their energy from renewable sources that don’t add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. And data centers are notorious for needing quite a bit of energy for cooling and powering servers.

How can you create a net zero facility? Explore the key factors behind sustainable data center design to contribute to the well-being of the planet, as well as long-term savings for your business.

Sustainable Hardware

Sustainable hardware is one way to create a net zero data center. More efficient computer processing hardware and cooling systems can significantly lower your dependence on energy resources. Also, by implementing a maintenance schedule, you can root out unused servers that are sucking up your power source. Even though replacing older equipment with more sustainable hardware might initially be a costly investment, you’ll save money and energy when you consolidate and upgrade.

Better Cooling

Relying on air conditioning alone isn’t enough to provide adequate cooling for your servers and other equipment to prevent overheating. You’ll need a cooling strategy to ensure that the data center doesn’t experience downtime, and there are some strategies that are greener than others. Hot aisle/cold aisle containment is an efficient strategy to implement to help make your facility net zero, as well as other cooling strategies that use water instead of ambient air to cool.

Renewable Energy

Improving cooling and upgrading hardware are both key factors behind sustainable data center design, but one of the biggest steps to undertake is transitioning to clean energy. Solar panels aren’t quite capable of powering larger data centers yet, but hydro and wind power are options. You can use fuel cells for on-site power, allowing you to use non fossil fuels, but doing so still produces a carbon footprint. However, it’s less than the footprint created from using oil or coal.

Custom Server Cabinets

Creating a sustainable data center begins with finding the right server racks and cabinets to keep your facility organized and to promote better cooling. You can find custom server cabinets at AMCO Enclosures to make your data center more efficient. We’ll create custom cabinets according to your specifications, ensuring your data center has the most sustainable hardware.