Open frame (seismic) server rack

Surge protectors are an incredibly important aspect of protecting power structures in your data center. Surge protectors are devices you insert into the alternating current (AC) line. This keeps your electronic equipment from being the victim of voltage spikes or transients that cause downtime. Surge protectors, also known as transient suppressors, keep the power levels in your data center within acceptable ranges. This way, your power is even keel, rather than in a range that can damage your equipment. If you want to learn more about the importance of surge-protected power in server rooms, read more below.

Why Is It Important?

We wanted to start by answering the question right off the bat. Surge-protected power in server rooms is important because it keeps your server room from experiencing downtime. Downtime is the bane of any thriving server room, and it can happen for many reasons. A thunderstorm could knock your power out, for example, or you could have misaligned the power distribution of your data center.

Regardless, downtime can cause panic among your customers and clients, especially if you handle their sensitive information. In any case, downtime will grind operations to a halt, and as you know, time is money. So how do you prepare for a power surge scenario? We’ll dive into it below.

Preparing for a Power Surge

There are national requirements regarding surge protection, so you first need to realize that you don’t have a choice when protecting your data center. Look up the National Electrical Code and its rules on surge protection. It states very clearly that surge protection must be implemented in each data center that’s continuously running.

Surge protection devices are central; you need to install them at the distribution board, closer to whatever load it’ll protect. Know what devices are available, how they can fit into your data center, and how to implement these changes with various electrical engineering professionals, either outsourced or on staff.

Other Considerations: VA Rating

The volt-ampere rating—or VA rating—is the numerical value of how much power protection a surge protector can handle. Choose a power protection device with a rating that can easily handle the current your data centers produce, and you’ll be on your way to a well-protected data center.

If you’re interested in server racks for your equipment—surge protectors or otherwise—check out our selection of open-frame seismic server racks.