Data centers are the establishments of the future. These places store customers’ digital information for companies that need assistance doing so. It’s a win-win situation because it keeps peoples’ info safe and reduces stress for the business. However, like everything else in the world, data centers are not perfect. These are the biggest threats to data center security that everyone should know.

The Wrong Equipment

One of the biggest threats to data center security is using the wrong equipment—or the right equipment incorrectly. Data center equipment must be able to handle high temperatures. They should also allow for proper airflow within the space. If you get the wrong equipment for your data center, it could spell headaches in the future. For starters, you must maintain electronic cabinets and enclosures properly so that they don’t overheat. Pro tip: Staff members should know the ins and outs of every device, so train them well.


Goosebumps appear on peoples’ skin when they hear the word “hacker.” Unfortunately, your data center could fall victim to hacking if you don’t pay enough attention. To combat the possibility of a hack in your data center:

  • Again, purchase the right equipment from a trusted developer, like AMCO Enclosures. The higher the quality of your tools, the less likely it is that a hacker will find a way in.
  • Be wary of malware or suspicious links that look like they could cause trouble.
  • Only allow certified employees access to the equipment to limit vulnerabilities and increase security simultaneously.

Mother Nature

Surprisingly, Mother Nature can also put your data center at risk. For this reason, developers should pay special attention to where they house their data centers. It’d be unwise to build such an establishment near a fault line or in a region that sees frequent flooding. These types of natural disasters put everyone’s information in jeopardy. Pro tip: Think about using a hybrid cloud model so that you always have a backup of the info in case something goes wrong.