Modular data centers can help a company expand their data storage quickly and reduce costs. Learn all the benefits of modular design for data centers.

Did you know that up to a third of an organization’s data will pass through the cloud? Companies need to keep expansion in the forefront of their minds when designing a data center because data storage is only beginning to grow.

And when you do need to expand space for data, you’ll need to do it quickly. Data center modules are making this an easy problem to face thanks to their pre-assembly and easy integration into the site.

Find out all the benefits of modular design for data centers so you can optimize your data storage.

What Is Modular Design for Data Centers?

Modular data center design, sometimes called prefabricated data centers, is essentially a portable data center when businesses need to expand their capacity. Oil rigs and military operations have used them for quite some time because of their portability and fast setup.

They can be self-contained pods, or a modular skid connected to an existing data center. Either has the necessary components to be ready for operation faster than a traditional data center.

Besides the ability to expand quickly, modular data centers also have other advantages.

Maintenance Costs

Compared to traditional data center options, the modular design components are the same, however, the initial cost of the modules will be higher because of pre-assembly. But they are more cost-effective in the long-term because you’ll save on data center maintenance. How? You’ll have one site to oversee as opposed to multiple sites if you have expanded with another traditional option.

Set-Up Time

Modular data centers arrive configured, allowing for a fast set-up time. All engineering and testing are done beforehand, offsite. You’ll save time compared to on-site data center construction where you would have to deal with building permits, site preparation, and other approvals.

Lower Operating Costs

Data centers spend a lot of their budget on cooling. If you need to lower your operating costs, which most data centers need to do, modular data centers are more energy efficient to operate. Why? They have less subsystems because of tighter integrations and a more compact space that requires less cooling power.

The benefits of modular design for data centers can give your data center the flexibility it needs to grow, as well as lower costs, giving you the ability to put that money elsewhere.

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