Hot Aisles

The cost of providing air conditioning to the average server room at 70% capacity can be as high as $23,000 per year. This can also release as much as 243 tonnes of greenhouse gases. When it comes to designing data centers for your servers, considering the amount spent on cooling is something every business needs to account for.

The Benefits of Hot Aisle Containment

As opposed to cold aisle containment, hot aisle containment solutions enclose the heated air within the data center itself. Hot aisle containment essentially encloses your hot aisles while allowing the rest of the general area to serve as a cold air supply for servers and equipment. The air that is released from the IT equipment is enclosed inside the hot aisle and returned through a series of cooling ducts. The supply of cold air is introduced into the room via a raised floor unit or the room, with the exception of the hot aisles, is flooded with cold air which allows it to cool the general space.

The largest advantage of hot aisle containment solutions is that the surrounding area generally stays cooler. This can make working conditions more tolerable and prevent visitors and staff from being worried that the equipment isn’t being cooled properly. With hot aisle containment solutions, the accuracy of the distributed air is still critical but more manageable, so long as the cool air is being pumped into the general area and the hot air is being properly vented.

Another major benefit of hot aisle containment solutions are their thermal override abilities. This means that the surrounding cold aisles act as insulation to ensure that the room remains stable in the event of power shortages or cooling malfunctions.

The largest disadvantage to this type of containment is that maintenance within the data center can be uncomfortable to conduct. However, with temporary local cooling, it is an issue that can be overcome. Though, it is worth noting how often the data center needs to be accessed, as centers that are frequently accessed may benefit from cold aisle options simply due to convenience.

Talk with a Manufacturer

If you’re uncertain about what type of containment your data center would benefit from, consider reaching out to a manufacturer for more information. Some manufacturers are able to offer customized aisle containment solutions to ensure your business gets exactly what it needs.

While hot aisle containment has many benefits, it won’t always be right for your unique data center set up. Communicate with your consultant and containment manufacturer and don’t hesitate to ask questions about extra ductwork or energy costs associated with the containment solutions. It’s important to get all the facts before deciding what type of containment is best for you. Contact AMCO Enclosures to find out the best solution!