Hot or Cold Aisle Containment Which is Better?

Before exploring hot aisle and cold aisle containment benefits for data centers, we must first know what they are. A cold aisle containment system simply means that 2 rows of server or network racks are set up facing air conditioner output ducts. A hot aisle containment system is when the back of 2 rows of server or network racks exhaust hot air at each other creating a hot aisle.

Cold Aisle Containment Benefits

With so many pieces of IT equipment giving off heat, temperatures in data centers rise. This can lead to damaging hardware, sometimes beyond repair. But with cold aisle containment, you can help alleviate some of these issues. Some of the key cold aisle containment benefits are that they are very cost-efficient and make a major difference in energy usage. Some data centers have reported a reduction of up to 40% in cooling energy spending after they had switched to a cold aisle containment system.

This data center containment solution can be easily implemented in old data centers, leaving many data center operators with one less headache. Cold aisle containment units are also designed to eliminate any hot spots in the data center.

The Benefits of Hot Aisle Containment

One of the biggest advantages to hot aisle containment is that it keeps the general data center cool. Data centers have also found that using a hot aisle containment system is more effective at cooling than its counterpart. It also saves on energy. Data centers have found hot aisle containment systems are generally more forgiving on network racks than cold air containment.

Choosing a Data Center Containment Solution

Now that you know about hot aisle and cold aisle containment benefits, it’s time to choose which will work best for your data center. In general, hot aisle containment unit systems are seen as a more efficient and cost-effective option. This all depends, of course, on the specific data center and the room you’re in. Every situation is different, and both systems should be weighed against one another before making any decision.

Some companies even use a variety of data center containment solutions, cycling them in and out of the data center based on unit age. Since data center units more than seven years old are considered out of date, this method helps phase out older units for newer models. Plus, upgrading containment systems as needed is a great way to save money and increase efficiency, all while keeping data centers running smoothly.

You can explore hot aisle and cold aisle containment solutions at AMCO Enclosures to help you decide which option is better for your facility.