server rackThe cloud computing and data industry is moving rapidly forward. At this point, Green Computing norms declare data centers more than seven years old out of date. While the practical average life of a data center is nine years, it can still be challenging to keep up with industry expectations.

This is why staff training is imperative.

By keeping your employees completely up to date on your company’s server racks, software, and other data center practices, you can create a more efficient staff overall.

Which employees should receive training?
In short, all of your employees need training periodically. Even senior management might not fully understand the directions in which the industry is moving. And this movement effects everything from the information shared in board rooms to the types of data racks you use. By implementing cross-company training, you can keep best practices consistent and ensure efficient decision making.

How often should I train my employees?
While your specific training schedule will depend on the size of your organization, it’s generally best practice to hold training sessions once per year. In many cases, organizations choose to hire an external employee development firm to educate their staff on new technology and data center methods. Just be sure to collect feedback from your employees on the effectiveness of these sessions.

Which types of training are most important for data centers?
The following are just some of the most important training topics that may benefit your staff and organization:

    • Security: By keeping your staff updated on cybersecurity,
      you will have a more secure organization in general.
    • End-User Efficiency: Do your data center employees understand how cloud computing works for each end user? Educate them on this and how to make user experience as simple as possible.
    • Containment Best Practices: Train your employees on the latest containment practices. Which will you implement?
    • Emergency Preparedness: This is especially important if you operate server racks in an area that is prone to floods, earthquakes, and wildfires.
    • Software And Applications: Any time you implement a new piece of software, be sure to teach your employees how to use it. This will save you time and mistakes later on.

By staying consistent and accountable when planning employee training, you will have a more efficient data center overall. This will not only help you be a standout department in your organization but in the industry as a whole.