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It’s 2022, and we have hit a new era of technological advancement. While your company has most likely built a server room, what if we could tell you that you can free up additional space and cut costs? The answer is simpler than you might think. Server virtualization allows you to create and build multiple virtual servers using only one physical server, cutting down on space concerns and the cost of maintaining and powering multiple units. Check out what server virtualization is and why it matters below.

What Is Server Virtualization?

Server virtualization is a process that allows you to have multiple simulated environments, complete with operating systems and all relevant functions, on one piece of hardware. A virtualization program called a hypervisor partitions your server into multiple instances. This allows your business to run completely different operating systems that can all complete their tasks and functions without taking up more real estate in your server room. Instead, put your electronic equipment racks to use for other resources.

Why Does Server Virtualization Matter?

While “redundancy” has a negative connotation in many applications, server redundancy is an important safety measure that virtualization provides. Virtualization makes it so that if there is any damage to a particular operating system, the hypervisor acts as a shield to preserve the rest of the servers. This also makes it an amazing tool to help prevent issues in your system that may stem from installing new software. For example, if you need a safe way to test some new software, the virtualization server can show you the effects without potentially wreaking havoc on the rest of your servers.

What Else Should I Know?

Ultimately, server virtualization matters because it has a ton of different benefits. It can save energy, make virtual environments safer, make testing more nuanced, and contain any adverse effects on a server. Overall, it’s a necessary tool for any IT company‘s repertoire, so knowing its many possibilities is key to your success.