Server racks are essential for keeping a technical business operating. These racks can organize IT equipment like network switches and improve power protection, physical security, mobility, device management, cable management, and protection from environmental conditions.

Choosing your racks is very important, and you should have them carefully configured to match your company’s needs. In order to ensure that your IT equipment is reliable, working properly, and saving your business from wasting money on expensive repairs and other expenses, work with professionals to find the best server rack enclosures.

Depending on your building, there are many things to consider in order to keep the server racks functioning.

Air Conditioning
Over 65% of all information technology (IT) failures are directly attributed to failed air conditioning in the server room. These electronics racks, if not cooled properly, can cause serious problems with your business. They can overheat and completely malfunction, which will not only end up costing you a significant amount of money in downtime and repairs, but you could also lose all the data the racks were holding and protecting in the first place. Keep in mind that the cables and circuits in the room will produce high voltage levels and can be seriously harmed by high temperatures. You might have to raise your floors, reconfigure ductwork, or lower ceilings depending on the installation.

Load Rating
The load rating of your rack is determined by how much weight it can safely and sufficiently support. Keep in mind that your floor must be able to support the weight associated with each rack and any additional equipment inside the rack, too. If your raised floor isn’t strong enough to handle the combined load of the server and server racks, you shouldn’t have any equipment installed in that room.

Rack Depth
Pay attention to the depth of the rack as well because you’ll have to make sure it’s deep enough for all your equipment and ventilation needs. If your rack is not deep enough the cables for these server racks can extend past the actual cabinet, so you should adjust the rack’s depth accordingly.

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