Key Differences Between Server Racks and AV Racks

As you build your data center infrastructure, you may need clarification when discussing server and AV racks. People often use these terms interchangeably, but each piece of equipment does have a distinct function.

Explore the key differences between server racks and AV racks to learn what each piece of equipment does and determine which one your data center needs.

Brief Explanation of Server Racks and AV Racks

A server rack houses IT equipment and related hardware. Its design facilitates proper airflow for cooling, offers secure and organized cabling, and provides easy access for maintenance tasks.

Server racks are quintessential for data centers and IT environments where multiple servers operate simultaneously.

An AV rack primarily houses audio and video equipment. These racks feature unique design elements like tinted glass doors or brushed aluminum finishes, reflecting their common use in home theaters and commercial entertainment setups.

While AV racks can house some IT equipment, their primary function revolves around AV components.

Important Differences Between the Two

While server and AV racks provide housing for electronic equipment, they differ significantly in their design, functionality, and use cases.

The fundamental difference lies in their purpose. Data center operators use server racks in high-performance computing environments where heat dissipation, cable management, and equipment accessibility are crucial. These racks are usually constructed from rugged materials to withstand the heavy weight of IT equipment.

Conversely, AV racks prioritize aesthetics and noise reduction, making them suitable for environments like conference rooms or living rooms where they are often visible. They may include features such as built-in fans, dedicated compartments for different types of equipment, and soundproofing elements.

Another key difference is in their size and capacity. Server racks are typically larger and have a higher equipment capacity than AV racks. Server racks come in standardized sizes and have adjustable mounting rails to accommodate various equipment sizes.

Does Your Data Center Need a Server Rack or an AV Rack?

Whether your data center requires a server or AV rack depends on your specific needs. If your primary concern is housing and managing servers in an environment that prioritizes cooling, cable management, and high capacity, a server rack is the best choice.

However, suppose you’re working with a significant amount of AV equipment and value noise reduction and aesthetics. In that case, an AV rack may be the better option.

Understanding the key differences between server racks and AV racks will help you make an informed decision for your data center. The right infrastructure can significantly impact the performance and longevity of your equipment.

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