Server rack accessories

Getting a server rack seems like a simple enough decision. Server racks and server rack accessories are a key staple in any data center, but as it turns out, there are several reasons why you want to calculate what server rack height you need. You must ensure it’s the proper height for your layout, can hold all your equipment appropriately, and more. So how do you do it? We’ll show you how below.

How Is It Measured?

You measure data racks by a unit of measurement called “U,” short for unit. One U is 1.75 inches tall. Most servers get built in 1.75-inch increments that translate to U’s. Of course, rack heights vary, but they’re usually between 42U and 52U tall.

How To Calculate

The rack height depends on how many U’s of space your equipment takes up. All of the equipment that goes into racks can vary in height. This can get very complex, as you must calculate servers, switches and routers, power bars, and hardware-based firewalls if you have them. To convert the measurements of your other equipment into a U, divide their height in inches by 1.75.

The more space they take up, the more U’s the rack will need to keep them safely contained. This is a great way to calculate what server rack size you need.

To calculate the rack height you need, add the total number of U’s together to obtain the height you need for your rack. For example, if your equipment totals 42U, you need a rack that measures 42U or taller.

While a fully loaded rack is efficient, it might be wise to keep some breathing room in your rack. This way, you can add and remove equipment without rearranging everything or purchasing a new rack entirely.

Overall, we hope this short guide has been helpful. You’ll be measuring racks in no time.