Data storage has become increasingly important as the world becomes more digital. Applications, media files, documents, and networks all rely on secure data storage. Safely storing your servers begins with choosing the proper server cabinets. Using a server cabinet to manage your servers is an easy and effective way to protect all your sensitive data.

But how many servers typically fit in a cabinet? Cabinets, or racks, vary in size. Here is a breakdown for determining how many server racks your business needs.

Standard Server Cabinet Sizes

One of the most common server cabinet size is 42RU, but they can increase in size for larger firms or data centers. But what does RU mean? Let’s break that down:

  • RU (sometimes referred to as U) stands for “rack unit,” a unit of measurement for server cabinets.
  • One RU is typically 1.75 inches. A 42RU rack will hold 42 1RU units or 21 2RU units.
  • All hardware manufactured for rack storage will be multiples of RU, anywhere from 1RU up to 48RU.
  • Server cabinet depth is anywhere from 36 to 48 inches.

Calculate Server Rack Size

When you’re calculating your server cabinet size, consider if you need a full or half-rack size. Full racks can go up to 70RU, but some standard sizes are 42RU, 44RU, 45RU, 48RU and 52RU. If you’re in a home office or small business, a half-rack might be sufficient for you. For larger firms, you will probably need at least several  full racks.

A general rule of thumb for calculating the server cabinet size for your business’s needs is to overestimate. Businesses grow, and you might need the space sooner than you anticipated. Be sure to fill any open spots with blanking panels to ensure proper airflow for your current servers.

There are various server cabinets to choose from at AMCO Enclosures, including seismic racks for those in earthquake-prone areas. Contact us to find the right server cabinet for your growing business!