It’s quite easy to overlook all the hard work data centers do to ensure our experience while using the internet is effortless, efficient, and quick.

An edge data center, in particular, may be smaller in size but makes a large impact on your network and connectivity as a whole. If you wish to learn more about what makes an edge data center tick, from their hot aisle containment systems to this their reliable source of power, continue reading.

What is an edge data center?

Edge data centers are useful to anyone trying to expand their connectivity and network. They are typically categorized by their small size and location. These edge data centers lie on the outskirts of already existing networks to help broaden their reach. It’s an extremely useful tactic that helps keep streaming speeds as seamless as can be.

These data centers can use cold or hot aisle containment systems

Now onto just how exactly these edge data centers run. First, they must keep their equipment at the optimum temperature.

But how are these centers able to keep their equipment running at the perfect temperature with so many pieces of advanced technological equipment? Overheating is definitely a real possibility. Still, thanks to cold and hot aisle containment, data centers are able to keep their computers and servers running with no major issues at all.

The hot aisle containment system in action

Hot aisle containment systems help guide hot exhaust air towards the AC return. Through this system, the hot air is given a separate pathway — ultimately eliminating the issue of hot and cool air mixing.

Cold aisle containment systems in action

Cold aisle containment systems work by using doors and a ceiling to prevent mixing with the warmer air. These physical barriers keep the air from leaking out of the aisles, keeping temperatures regulated.

Server Racks

An edge data center must also be organized. And an extreme level of uniformity would not be possible without the server racks used to hold and support various pieces of technological equipment.

Reliable power sources

An edge data center needs to have a reliable source of power. After all, this source must power servers, network switches, and other pieces of IT equipment 24/7. Usually, edge data centers must power redundancy at all times to create this strong and unwavering kind of electricity.


We live in a society dominated by internet usage. Users care about one thing when it comes to streaming and browsing on the world wide web. And that is speed. Luckily, edge data centers can help increase internet speeds, and increase user satisfaction to enhance their overall experience.

But then you can’t help but wonder, how can they manage to do all this. By using a hot aisle containment system, edge data centers are able to keep their equipment running at top speed and efficiency.

Hot aisle containment systems are beneficial in many ways. But that isn’t the only factor that goes into making sure edge data centers run at lightning speeds. Server racks and a reliable power source also ensure that data centers work as efficiently as possible. So you can stream your favorite show while you’re taking the subway or check your emails during your lunch break without any disruptions.