The different types of server racks used with network equipment are vital to business infrastructure. This is because server racks provide access to resources for users, carry shared information, and store data.

It’s important to make sure that the types of server racks used in your business are secured and properly taken care of. One way to ensure proper maintenance is by familiarizing yourself with the different types of server racks.

What are the different types of server racks?

When purchasing a server rack, the needs of the company are essential to consider. Certain companies that provide containment systems may be able to customize your racks to meet the needs of your business such as available space.

The most basic form of a server rack that businesses use is the two-post server rack, which is attached to the ground and is not typically used in a data center for server applications. Two-post server racks are great for punch-down blocks and networking equipment which is why they are typically found in technology closets.

An upgrade from the two-post server rack is the four-past rack. These types of racks offer greater flexibility and more options like top panels, doors, and side panels. Because the rack has four posts rather than two, it’s able to handle more weight.

Businesses also commonly use cabinet enclosures for greater security for their servers. Cabinet enclosures can be locked from the back, front, and sides for optimal equipment security.

What are the benefits of server racks?

Server racks are incredibly beneficial for IT infrastructure. This is because using racks allows for better airflow management. The better the airflow, the less risk there is for overheating equipment. Equipment can perform more efficiently and productively.

What’s more, server racks let you mount your equipment in evenly spaced groupings to prevent obstructed ventilation or hot spots. Businesses can save money on energy costs this way because they need less external cooling to keep their equipment at the right temperature. Based on current electricity price increases, energy costs could jump by 67% in the next three years. Air conditioning efficiency and airflow management improvements can reduce these costs by 35%.

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