Titan DT 62 RU

National Colocation Facility


A national colocation facility had a customer that wanted to optimize their leased space. In order to take advantage of their square footage they wanted go with taller racks but they also needed a rack with a significant load rating so they could take advantage of the additional space a taller rack would provide.



AMCO Enclosures modified its Titan DT rack and provided the customer with a rack that met their requirements and is structurally significant with a 5,400-pound load rating. Fifty 62RU racks in Glacier White were delivered in less than 4 weeks. Since our first shipment to this customer they have more than twenty additional tenants that have purchased 58RU or 62RU racks. AMCO now stocks components enabling us to build 58RU and 62RU racks in two weeks or less.