Custom rack with PDUs

Large Manufacturing Company West Coast


The customer wanted racks that were a custom width and custom color and needed us to supply an aisle long chimney for hot aisle containment. They also wanted to install RJ connectors directly into the rear mounting channels and were looking for a vendor who could install, customer supplied, PDU’s in the rear of the racks prior to shipping.



AMCO worked with the customer to design a rack that was the exact size they were looking for. AMCO worked with our paint vendor to match the exact color and texture the customer wanted. After two drawing revisions we developed custom, rear mounting channels to accommodate the RJ connectors and a custom power panel to hold the double wide PDU’s and manage cables in the rear of the rack. A solid door was also used to accommodate the hot aisle containment we supplied. The containment was a custom configuration so there was no top panel supplied with the cabinets and side panels were only used at the end of the rows.