3G Racks

Large Enterprise Data Center-Southwest


The company wanted to use our 3G rack in their large data center in the Southwest. They were looking for a special color, custom top panel and wanted to recess the mounting rails from the front of the rack which created an opportunity for air to circulate around the equipment.



AMCO Enclosure’s engineering team modified our standard top panel to include brush cable egress in the exact location that the customer wanted them. The customer was looking to get away from using conventional black racks but did not want to use bright, white racks that are becoming more and more popular. The customer opted to use our standard Pottery White paint which brightened the data center but it did not make the racks stand out as much as a bright white. Lastly the customer wanted to recess the rails on their 24” wide racks to allow cables to pass from the rear of the rack to the front. This created an open area on the sides of the mounting channels which would allow air to circulate around the equipment. To prevent this AMCO designed and manufactured custom air dam kits, forcing the cold air to go through the active equipment and allow for the cable pass through.