Do you have a series of server racks for your data center and want to modify them? It’s not uncommon. Modifications offer a ton of benefits based on your needs. Rather than replacing your electronic equipment rack with another one, why not use modifications to upgrade what you currently have? Check out a couple server rack modifications that you should consider below.

Why Are Modifications Important?

Server rack modifications are important because they help you adjust according to your needs rather than replace the rack altogether. You can upgrade your racks piecemeal if you want or all at once. What you choose to upgrade is your choice, but we’ll go into a couple different server rack modifications that will work for you to get a glimpse into reoccurring problems you might face with your server racks.

Cable Management

There’s nothing worse than unorganized cables in the back of your cabinets. If you need to take the server out, imagine having to untangle a bunch of cables, keeping you from pulling it out or causing you to rip it out by accident. Cable management hardware helps you avoid this issue by organizing the cables that run behind your servers. You should be able to easily pull your server out and track where each cable goes. This will save a lot of time and energy overall.

Chimney Containment

Cabinet chimneys are another important addition. Chimneys make it so your hot air exhausts directly into an overhead plenum. This helps prevent cold and hot air mixing, allowing cold air to easily move within the cabinet. This keeps your rack from overheating and your servers from shutting down. While your data center should have cooling mechanisms, your cabinets should also.

In short, your cabinets can be outfitted with many modifications. They can be easily suited to fit your needs. Here at AMCO Enclosures, we have a wide variety of electronic cabinets and more for your data center needs. Shop AMCO now!