benefits of hot aisle containment

When was the last time you updated your data center to better suit your company’s needs? While data centers generally have a life of about nine years, Green Computing norms state that a center is out of date after about seven. With the ever-changing IT industry, data centers are evolving faster than ever, and many companies are making key changes through custom cabinet configurations. The following are just some of the reasons that organizations choose this option — and why you might consider it as well.

  • Varying Environments: Geographic location, elevation, and other environmental factors can have a significant impact on the success of your server racks. If you are located in California, for example, you might consider a seismic rack or seismic mounts. Some companies may also consider the benefits of hot aisle containment over cold in certain climates — or vice versa.
  • Space Optimization: As companies opt for their own data centers rather than outsourcing to larger ones, they are looking to use smaller spaces in the best way possible. This could mean more narrow or taller data racks, for example.
  • Cooling Preferences: Different temperature control methods simply work better for certain organizations. While some praise the benefits of hot aisle containment, others may opt for cold aisle containment. IT managers are then configuring their cabinets accordingly.
  • Airflow Management: Different sized data centers in varying climates may also require specific airflow management techniques. Data professionals are considering how their specific space can be optimized to streamline airflow in the most efficient way possible.
  • Branding Opportunities: Some companies are choosing to brand their data cabinets to match the rest of the company. This could mean selecting a specific color or adding a logo. This technique creates a more professional feel inside of a data center, integrating it into the rest of the organization.

While custom cabinet configurations may not be for everyone, they are a lucrative option for many companies. By personalizing your data cabinets, you are personalizing the rest of your data center by extension. Configuring the space for your needs will make it easier to troubleshoot and manage in general, making everyone’s job more efficient.