types of it racksFor many organizations, custom data cabinet configurations provide tailored storage solutions that otherwise would be difficult to find. If your organization wants to order customized racks, there are many factors to consider. With so many types of IT racks and customizable options on the market, it’s essential to know what is important to your business. Before ordering your racks, ask yourself the following questions.

Why are you buying new data racks?
This is certainly the most important place to start. You might be purchasing new racks because of a space issue or perhaps you are looking to improve your cable management. Your racks could also be out of date and you want more modern models. By understanding your core purpose, you can choose the racks that will fulfill it.

Are there any building codes and regulations that you need to meet?
If your data center has been in place for decades, you might not be fully aware of the relevant building codes. Take the time to review these, as they might dictate the size, weight, and arrangement of your data racks.

Will you be incorporating branding?
Your data storage system is central to your organization, so consider showing that through brand representation. Branded data racks can give your center a professional edge. Consider choosing a colored rack or adding your company logo. While it won’t change the server rack’s function, it will certainly make your center look more uniform.

What are the most important factors for your custom cabinets?
This is when you should consider your data center’s environment. If it is small, be sure to prioritize spacial efficiency and cable storage. If you operate in an earthquake risk zone, you should consider installing seismic racks. You may also be interested in lowering your carbon footprint and purchase a rack that supports your goals.

The demand for cloud computing is expected to increase over the coming years. In fact, a recent survey revealed that if given the choice of moving just one application to the cloud, 25% of business respondents would do so. Even small changes mean adjusting your data center, and with so many types of IT racks available, custom racks can be a favorable solution for that.