Server racks and enclosure cabinets are the infrastructures of every data center. They contain vital equipment—everything from servers and switches and routers. Your data center needs to work correctly; to do so, you’ll need the proper enclosure to optimize airflow and provide organization for wires and cables.

Choosing the right electronic enclosure for your data center comes down to a few factors. Explore the ways to decide on the best server rack below.


The equipment mounting width in a server rack is 19 inches; however, frames are available in an array of widths, depths, and heights. Whatever size racks or cabinets you choose need to accommodate your current servers and components, but they also need to adjust to any influxes in growth. 

Decide how much space you’ll need for your current equipment. When measuring, be aware that racks are available in rack units; one unit equals 1.75 inches in height. 


What level of security do you need for the enclosures? You’ll need to protect the data from accidents, intentional tampering, or even theft. If you have a dedicated data center with limited access to essential personnel, open racks will suffice. But if you are storing data in a less secure area, you might want to choose cabinets that lock. The level of compliance you have to meet will also dictate your security needs.


If your data center stores sensitive data, there may be specific compliance requirements you’ll have to meet. Government contractors and organizations that store cardholder data would fall under this category; you’ll have to use electronic enclosures that meet the requirements outlined in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.


When choosing the right electronic enclosure for your data center, be sure to find ones that will fit comfortably inside your designated location. 24” racks are better for areas with limited space, wider racks may be needed if there is a lot of cabling. Also, if you ever need to move the racks, keep mobility in mind as well.

If you have questions about selecting suitable electronic cabinets and enclosures for your data storage, reach out to AMCO Enclosures!