A Look at the Changing Trends in Data Cabinet Sizes

Technology in data centers adapts to meet business needs. Though server racks are available in various sizes, large racks are quite popular. Let’s take a look at the changing trends in data center cabinet size.

How To Measure Cabinet Size

Before we look at the evolution of data center cabinet size trends, we must understand how to measure data center cabinets. We measure them by height, width, and depth. Since many manufacturers sell server racks, there is no singular unit of measurement to describe their size. However, the most common unit of measurement in the United States is “RU”s or “Rack Units.” Each U represents one server the rack can hold. For example, a 42RU rack holds 42RU of electronic equipment. Generally, the equipment going in the rack will be a multiple of 1.75 inches.

Trending Larger

The most popular server rack size is growing. For instance, 42RU cabinets have been the most popular server racks in data centers for the last few years. However, the current most popular option is the 48RU; yet, 51RU or 60RU racks may become the standard in the next few years.

Why Are Server Racks Getting Bigger?

Taller, larger server racks are becoming more popular for two main reasons: affordability and demand.

Data Center Cabinets Are More Affordable

Cost is one of the many reasons that data center owners and managers opt for smaller racks. Fortunately, data center cabinets are becoming more affordable as technology improves. Many data center owners and managers can now afford to scale their facilities and acquire larger racks to hold more servers.

Larger Cabinets and Scalable Operations

As more companies migrate to the cloud, data centers need more servers to meet the demand. Taller racks are becoming more popular since they allow center owners and managers to store more servers and meet the demands of their clients.

A look at the changing trends in data center cabinet sizes shows an increase in popularity for taller, larger racks. However, larger racks holding more servers will generate more heat. AMCO Enclosures’ hot aisle containment separates hot exhaust from cool air. Look at our site to learn more about using these products in your data center!