types of data racksFor classrooms, offices, or full-fledged data centers, data cabinets, or racks, are used for a number of reasons. But not all types of data racks are created equal.

There are a number of variations between server racks that are more suitable for different applications. Here are a few examples:

  1. Network Switch RacksNetwork switch racks are wide and meant to hold large, modular switches while allowing proper airflow. The wider design allows air to flow between the sides of the cabinet and the body of the network switches so that they do not overheat.
  2. Portable Server RacksFor a small application, you don’t need to have huge tower. A small tower can hold your data system just as well. In fact, if you need to go anywhere, it is small and portable enough to take with you. They are lightweight and can fit on top of or below your desk at work, or on top of your counter space at home without being in the way.
  3. 4-Post Server RacksThe most basic rack configuration is also one of the most reliable. It’s an open containment rack that is easy to assemble. These racks are also very easy to rearrange due to their open concepts. You can easily access any equipment, and there is a constant stream of airflow to keep your equipment from overheating.
  4. Air Conditioned CabinetsElectronics overheat very easily. As they are constantly running, there are many more opportunities for the components to become permanently damaged due to heat exposure. Instead of turning off the towers at night or during a long span of use, store your network components in an air conditioned cabinet.
  5. Soundproof CabinetsNot only are network towers hot, but they also make a lot of noise. Muffle the sound of your tower by putting all components into a soundproof tower. These are equipped with acoustic foam, similar to a sound recording booth or other noise-cancelling systems. Instead of producing loud, irritating, and potentially dangerous noise, soundproof cabinets can reduce any sound to a whisper.
  6. Seismic or Military-Grade RacksIn case of dangerous conditions, it’s important to keep your data safe. Our seismic racks come with shielded materials that can withstand high impacts caused by natural disasters or military conflict.

These are just a few types of data racks available at AMCO Enclosures. If you’re building a new data center — or if yours is approaching the end of its practical lifespan of nine years—call us today to start assembling a new, improved one.