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Your data center’s layout and hardware usage are crucial to the facility’s overall efficiency. Having a poor design can reduce energy efficiency, prevent servers from performing at optimum levels, cause heating issues, and cost you money. As a result, you need to pay close attention to how you use the space you have to achieve the best results possible. Continue reading to discover five tips for making the most out of data center space.

Understand and Implement “U” Measurements

One of the most critical considerations in optimizing storage space is knowing how much room you have to work with. You measure the area in a data center in rack/cabinet units, which you can abbreviate as “U.” A U is approximately 1.75 inches tall, and most servers and other IT equipment get designed in 1.75-inch increments. Typically, a standard rack is 42U to 52U in size, with half racks being 24U and quarter racks being 12U.

Use Vertical Space

Server racks take up a lot of room in your data center, so use them wisely. Instead of expanding throughout the data center, have them climb upward instead. Opt for taller server racks that give you more U space, improved density, and enhanced capacity.

Effective Cable Management

Unruly cables can quickly overwhelm your data center space. Furthermore, unorganized cabling setups cause unneeded difficulties and waste valuable time and money attempting to solve problems that crop up.

Measure to ensure your cables are the proper length to avoid unanticipated downtime of essential IT equipment caused by tangled or unplugged wires. Next, pick a color scheme that works for you and your team, so everyone knows which wire goes to which hardware or accessory. Finally, plan to accommodate space for future growth with ergonomically designed racks and cable trays.

Get Rid of Zombies

Zombies are servers that are no longer actively functioning. This scenario frequently happens because organizations expand rapidly, and their needs change even faster. You can suddenly have servers using up electricity for no apparent reason when this happens. Try to quickly identify these zombies and remove them to make more room, save money on energy costs, and generate a much more efficient data center.

Merge Spaces

There are two types of data centers: white and gray. White space refers to your equipment, including storage units, servers, and networking gear. Gray spaces are where you keep back-end equipment such as switch gear, UPS, transformers, chillers, and generators. When you merge the two, you can save plenty of space while also improving server performance in most cases.

Utilize these five tips for making the most out of data center space to improve your overall efficiency. In addition, AMCO Enclosures offers all your essential electronic cabinets and enclosures to protect your hardware and accessories. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.