custom server racks

Data centers are thriving in 2022. In turn, data center cabinets are becoming more and more advanced. However, you may need to replace your data cabinets eventually because, like any piece of hardware, they could become obsolete. What are five signs that it’s time to replace your data center cabinets? Read on to find out.

1. It Doesn’t Fit Your Hardware

Strangely, many business owners hold onto outdated cabinets, even if they don’t fit their hardware. As your data center expands, so will your needs as a business owner. If you find that you have several servers that won’t fit in your cabinet, it’s time for a replacement. While much of our data center hardware is “shrinking” due to technological advancements, some hardware may be too big to fit your cabinet. If that’s the case it’s time to replace your cabinet with a larger size.

2. It’s Structurally Weak

Data cabinets have one job: they hold components safely. You must replace data cabinets if they can’t do that job correctly. Despite our best efforts to maintain it, if you notice your cabinet bowing or unstable under the weight of servers, it’s time to get a replacement. Whether they’re steel or aluminum, all cabinets and custom server racks should be structurally sound. Otherwise, they’re useless. This is a key sign that it’s time to replace your cabinet.

3. Environmental Concerns

Hindsight is 20/20. Many tech companies put their data centers in places with seismic activity. Business owners often don’t consider if their racks are up to standard when it comes to natural disasters such as earthquakes. If you have standard racks in a place known for earthquakes or other natural phenomena, get seismic racks instead to replace your conventional rack. Otherwise, when disaster hits, your servers will be damaged as well.

4. Accidents Happen

This is self-explanatory. If your rack is damaged in any way it’s time for a replacement rack. Employees may damage a rack during a migration or a move and the rack may not be usable. Regardless, you must prepare for all contingencies.

5. You Can’t Repair It

To expand on the discussion above, if an accident does happen and you can’t repair your cabinet, replace it. Don’t waste time attempting to repair something you can’t fix. Whether a door or side panel is damaged or the cabinet becoming structurally incapable of doing its job, ensure that you replace cabinets as needed.

In short, if you can, reusing your cabinets may be an option but if it does not function properly and cannot handle new hardware requirements it is probably time to invest in new cabinets. Here at AMCO Enclosures, we have long-lasting, structurally-sound cabinets that are useful for all your needs. Shop AMCO today!