data racks

Data is one of the most valuable resources we have today. In fact, 82% of companies report savings after moving to the cloud. As we go through a paradigm shift toward larger and larger data centers, it would be helpful for the average business owner to learn a bit more about where their data is being stored. Today, let’s focus on the different types of data racks.

    1. Four Post Server and Network Racks
      These are a pretty boring rack, but they are important for two good reasons: their ability to help manage airflow and cable management. These 19″ four-post data racks are the most popular place to plant a series of servers. Why? Simplicity.
    2. Colocation Cabinets
      These racks are likely the most relevant to smaller business owners who rely on data centers. Colocation cabinets are like lockers for your company’s servers. These cabinets are sectioned off, labeled, and used in data centers that rent out server space to businesses and individuals.
    3. Seismic Server Racks
      Simply put, these sever containment units are earthquake-proof. They protect servers in areas with high levels of seismic activity that would otherwise shake and break servers. These racks go through extensive and prolonged testing to ensure servers stay safe.
    4. NEMA Certified
      The National Electrical Manufacturer Association rates electrical enclosures on the types of environments they can be used within. There standardized testing concludes whether an enclosure is best kept indoors, if it will work outside, and what weather it can be exposed to. NEMA certified enclosures are weatherproof in every sense. Some are even submersible in water.

Of all the different options, data centers tend to utilize the data racks that optimize the space they have. Often, data center planners will require custom sized racks and cabinets in order to make efficient use of their space. While there are interesting and unique prebuilt solutions where servers can be shelved, the possibilities are practically endless. If your data center is in need of custom electronic cabinets or racks, contact us today with information about your buildout.