server rack accessories

Organization is essential for a data center to operate successfully, and server rack accessories are vital components to ensuring that happens. Routine maintenance, expansion, and cable management are all dependent on organized server racks, and there are some definite must-have server rack accessories for your data center to stay organized and operational around the clock.

Power Strip With Surge Protection

Having power available 24/7 is a necessity for any facility, but it’s especially crucial for a data center. Surge protectors are basic accessories that prevent servers and other equipment from suffering damage from electrical overloads. You can easily mount them to server racks for a sleeker appearance and better access.

Blanking Panels

Blanking panels are an easy and cost-effective way to redirect airflow and promote better cooling. If you have server racks with empty RU spaces, you’ll need to block these spots so that hot air doesn’t settle. This will maximize cooling efficiency and prevent your equipment from overheating. Generally, you want to direct as much cool air to the active equipment in the front of the server racks as you can and keep the hot air behind the servers.

Cable Management Panels

Cable management is a priority for any data center, and cable management panels are a vital component to achieve that organization. There are many different products you can use to manage the miles of cable you acquire, but cable management panels can route cables both vertically and horizontally.

Power Panels

It is essential to have an easy way to mount your vertical PDU’s and the best way to do this is by using a tool-less power panel. In many cases you can use the power panel to mount the PDU and use another portion of the panel for vertical cable management. This helps keep the back of your server rack organized.

Find Server Rack Accessories

These must-have server rack accessories for a data center are vital tools for keeping your onsite or colocation data center organized and operating at its fullest potential. You can order customized server racks at AMCO Enclosures to ensure you have the right racks for your facility. Learn more about data center organization by exploring the rest of your blogs.