Colocation Products

When you’re looking to save money or simply don’t have the funds to operate your own data center, colocation hosting can be incredibly beneficial. Colocation hosting is a type of hosting strategy where companies own their hardware and rent server space in a data center. Colocation hosting can cut capital costs, improve business operations, and even boost the quality of service that customers experience.

That said, it’s understandable to move your servers to a colocation center. But what are the materials and equipment you need to ensure that your colocation experience is a success? Here are three essential colocation products your company needs to feel confident in colocation hosting.

  1. Colocation cages. Colocation cages are a step-up from your high-quality dynamic server racks. These cages create a security barrier around your cabinets and IT infrastructure while offering privacy in rooms with multiple clients. AMCO Enclosures offers a variety of panel sizes so you can feel confident knowing that your colocation cage matches your exact size requirements. You can also choose from both black and white colocation cages so you can keep your servers secure and visually appealing.
  2. Lacing bars and strips. Lacing bars and strips are essential for cable management whether you own your data center or you’re operating in a colocation center. Lacing bars can be mounted horizontally to assist in cable tie-down. They also offer strain relief for cabling. Lacing strips can also be used for vertical cable bundle tie-downs or for mounting power strips. These strips feature a multi-punch hole pattern for M6 hardware mounting or cable ties for optimal cable management.
  3. Hot or cold aisle containment. Approximately 80% of data centers employ or are looking into employing hot or cold aisle containment systems to keep servers at the correct temperatures and to reduce energy use. In a colocation center, you can help to keep your servers at the correct temperature by installing aisle containment. Aisle containment will help regulate the temperature in your space and help eliminate hot and cold air mixing. They ensure that your security components operate at peak performance.

Looking for high-quality colocation products for your servers? AMCO Enclosures has the dynamic server racks, hot aisle containment systems, and other data center products you need to ensure the success of your colocation hosting experience. To learn more about our data center products, contact AMCO Enclosures today.